Dendritic Opal & Porcupine Quill Eagle Totem Necklace

  • $ 128.00

A one-of-a-kind piece. Hand crafted with .925 sterling silver, Dendritic Opal gemstone, and porcupine quills.

Measures approximately 17" from end to end and hangs 13" long.

Dendritic Opal is actually an agate/chalcedony and is also known by the name "Merlinite". Dendritic Opal helps bring fullness and abundance to all areas of life.  It is said that it creates a peaceful environment and encourages appreciation of each moment. It is also said to provide connections to infinite knowledge and ancient wisdom.

Eagle totem or "medicine" is the power of the Great Spirit, the connection to the Divine. Eagle teaches you to broaden your sense of self beyond the horizon of what is presently visible. In learning to fiercely attack your fear of the unknown, the wings of your soul will be supported by the ever present breezes which are the breath of the Great Spirit. It is through the trial of experiencing both the highs and the lows in life, and through trusting one's connection to the Great Spirit, that the right to use the essence of Eagle Medicine is earned.

Porcupine has many special qualities, and a very powerful medicine: the power of faith and trust. The power of faith contains within it the ability to move mountains. The power of trust in life involves trusting that the Great Spirit has a divine plan. Your task is to find the pathway that is most beneficial for you and that uses your greatest talents to further the plan. Trust can open doorways to the creation of space. The space thus created allows others to open their hearts to you and to share their gifts of love, joy, and companionship.

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