Artist Statement & Bio


My passion as an artist is to create unique, meaningful work and my desire is to express through my work the deeper motivations for why we make art. I endeavor to reflect both the beauty and the pain that we all experience as humans by bringing to life some of these sentiments through my creations. I believe that art can and does shape the way we think and the way we see ourselves, each other and the world. Much of my work is inspired not only by the human experience, but by philosophy, poetry and the relationship between humans and nature. My hope is to create art that inspires and connects people, whether that be through creating pieces that speak to them on a personal level, or simply making work that makes people feel beautiful and empowered when wearing them. 

Why jewelry? Apart from the love I have for working with my hands to create something beautiful, there is something very specific about jewelry and body adornment that ignites my passion for creating. I am always most at peace when I am in my studio. This is the place where my mind finally becomes quiet, where I can put into material form what I don’t know how to express in words. But why jewelry, specifically? I find it curious that we humans have sought to adorn ourselves since the dawn of time; as a way to express and identify ourselves, as totems and talismans, as armor, as beautification. And what is particular about it, to me, is the longevity of it. Metal and stone are resilient, and time may do its best to wear them down, but they are extremely enduring, and they survive. I think it is telling that we humans feel such a connection to these long-lasting materials that we choose to adorn ourselves with. Perhaps it is because we identify with their power to endure. It parallels the human spirit. Life bears down on us, it brings us much we have to survive, and we do. Somehow, we do. Maybe this is why creating these things speaks to me.

I hand fabricate the majority of my pieces, though I also explore creation through the use of technology, using CAD and 3D printing to bring pieces to life, unrestricted by the limitations of handwork. No matter the process I use, I infuse each of my works with intention and the passion with which I create them. Most of my pieces are one-of-a-kind.



Charity Navalesi Poole is a contemporary jewelry and body adornment artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The University of Kansas, where she studied metalsmithing and jewelry. Her work has been exhibited at Society of North American Goldsmith’s (SNAG) 20th Anniversary “Exhibition in Motion” runway show in Chicago, Illinois in 2019 and was also selected for SNAG’s 2020 runway exhibition, “Grit to Gold”. Her work was chosen for Spencer Museum of Art’s Student Exhibition and competition, “HERE” in Lawrence, Kansas for which she was awarded the top prize. She has been awarded substantial merit scholarships for the work she exhibited at the University of Kansas Visual Arts scholarship shows and was the 2020 Women’s Jewelry Association June Herman Scholarship award recipient. Charity currently resides in Florence, Italy where she is a Master of Fine Arts candidate at Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School.